Why some call centers fail in training agents


Agent training is an important responsibility that call center managers must perform effectively in order to produce an excellent workforce. Open Access BPO explains how some training practices can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Call center outsourcing in the Philippines has been recognized globally because of the time-tested training methodologies employed by local call centers in producing globally competitive agents. Call center managers know that an effective customer service team can only be created when training sessions are conducted with the goal of seeing a positive change in the level of expertise or knowledge of agents.

Since customer satisfaction relies heavily on the quality of customer service delivery, it is important for managers to know what mistakes they should not commit when training call center agents. Here are some of them:

•   Training in large groups

Training sessions must always foster participation and sharing of ideas through group discussions. This won’t be possible if there are 100 trainees in the room. Everyone must have the opportunity to clarify things or ask questions in the entire duration of the training.

•   An environment that is not conducive to learning


Learning can only take place when people are comfortable in their environment. Thus make sure that training rooms are well-lit and properly ventilated. Equipment, such as audio and visual devices, chairs, and tables, must also be in good shape. More importantly, ensure that there are no external distractions during training.

•   Boring lectures

The younger the agents are, the faster they get bored with lectures presented in a non-creative way. Trainers must find ways to make lectures appealing. Group activities or games may be integrated to add some spice while encouraging participation at the same time.

•   Trainer gets the spotlight

Facilitators must steer discussion among the group, but they should not monopolize the opportunity to speak. They can ask leading questions that will encourage participation from the agents. Trainers must also know how to make shy members of the group participative.

•   Complicated materials

If supplemental training materials can’t be easily understood by the agents, they won’t be executed properly later on. Training materials must be tested and modified to encapsulate all the essential information. Additionally, they must highlight important points for easy reference later on.

•   Ineffective evaluation of learning


The biggest training mistake a call center can do is sending unfit agents to the production floor. Agent skills must be carefully assessed through mock calls or standard tests. Exams must be comprehensive enough to evaluate all related knowledge and skill learning areas thoroughly.

Agent training involves a lot of money, time, and effort. When done right, it can result to a customer service platform run by an efficient workforce equipped with the right skills. By avoiding these training mistakes, call centers are guaranteed to have agents that can offer quality job performance to outsourcing clients.



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