Top 6 mistakes every call center in the Philippines needs to avoid


Giving the consumers the best assistance and service is the goal of every customer service representative (CSR). Every call center in the Philippines must invest in training CSRs to make sure they can resolve the concerns of the customers with the use of call handling techniques and strategies. More importantly, customer service mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Frustration experienced by customers seeking assistance can affect the brand’s sales and the customers’ loyalty in the long run.

Here are common mistakes that CSRs must remember and avoid in order for them to give the best customer service to their customers:

1.    Failing to meet the customer’s needs at first contact


Callers experience frustration when they have to contact the customer service center a lot of times for the same problem. Agents must be aware of the common issues the customers usually face so that tested measures and solutions can be provided upon initial inquiry.

2.    Impolite treatment

Agents must always be polite over the phone regardless of who they are speaking with. They must be trained how to handle irate customers and respond to unpleasant calls. A furious customer is more likely going to calm down when the agent is patient in explaining things to him or her.

3.    Putting customers on hold for a long time

No customer wants to be placed on hold for too long when asking for assistance. Suggested solutions must be relayed to the customers in a concise and uncomplicated manner without including any unnecessary procedure so that the issue can be resolved in the shortest time possible.

4.    Conducting cold transfers


When an issue needs to be escalated and the call is transferred to another agent, the customer at the other end of the line expects that the next party handling the concern is already aware of their concerns.

Unfortunately, there are incidents when a cold transfer is done instead, when an agent immediately transfers a call without briefing the responding agent first. As a result, the customer ends up having to explain everything again to the new agent. This can be very frustrating to customers who may feel that they are not valued and that their time is being wasted. As such, CSRs must be trained to give quick yet comprehensive briefing of the issue when escalating tasks.

5.    Providing service different from what was originally promised

Nothing is more disappointing than having to get something unparallel to what was originally promised to you. When expectations are not met after promises are under delivered, customers may feel deceived. This creates an impression that the contact center uses false promises just to appease customers with urgent concerns.

6.    Too complicated information

Spare the customers from having to call again because they did not understand the information provided at first contact. Unnecessary details must be omitted when talking to customers. CSRs must also confirm that the customer fully understood the information provided by asking if there are unclear details that need further explanation.

These mistakes may be common, but they can affect the quality of customer service big time. Avoiding them is a good starting point in establishing the best customer service platform in your call center.



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