The reality of high employee turnover in call centers

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Call centers suffer from notoriously high turnover rates. It’s a reality that many business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have been facing for years.

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Employee turnover is an expensive challenge for companies to overcome since it’s costing them so much on hiring, training, and providing benefits for agents who won’t even stay with them for a reasonable length of time. More importantly, it impedes company growth and stunts personal advancement in agents. Clients also receive subpar customer support quality when departing employees start underperforming.

Call centers normally aim to maintain positive customer experience scores and encourage brand loyalty among customers. Now, there is an added challenge to keep employees loyal. Even large BPO companies tend to have highest employee turnover rates for inbound customer service agents.

Attrition versus Turnover

Attrition is mainly the reduction in workforce due to retirement or the elimination of a position. In cases of attrition, vacated positions are often abolished or left unfilled. Turnover, a type of attrition, is a result of employment actions such as, resignation, terminations, or AWOL, with the intent to hire new employees for the vacated positions, therefore, making turnover costlier than attrition.

Should it matter if your company has high agent turnover rates?

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Yes. For one, it’s a very costly predicament, as previously mentioned. This could reflect negatively for your company for a variety of reasons. Prospective clients might see this as a red flag when considering you as an outsourcing partner, while job applicants might feel discouraged to work in your company.

High agent turnover rates can also create friction amongst team members and lead to further employee movements. Expect low morale among your employees as they start feeling demotivated and eventually fail in meeting your performance metrics.

Why do agents constantly leave behind their jobs?

While there are many reasons why employees may leave the company, here are some of the most common ones:


1.     Skewed view of the job

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Many agents may view call center jobs as transitory. Instead of careers, they see the job as mere roles they can jump in and out of depending on their necessity or availability. They will not put much heart in their responsibilities and sticking with your company is pretty low in their priority lists.


2.     Lack of growth

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Because call center tasks seems monotonous, many agents may start to feel that they’re working a dead-end job. It’s important to let agents know the opportunities for growth that are available to them as part of your call center.


3.     Health risks in the workplace

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The erratic schedules cause health problems for agents. So is the stress that go with the high-pressure work environment that can demotivate agents. During times of high turnover, remaining agents may be asked to take on double shifts, leading to many unsatisfactory consequences.


4.     Unqualified employees

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Due to the high turnover rates, BPO companies may be forced to ramp up hiring, leading them to recruit agents who are unfit for the job or the company. There might not be enough cultural diversity in the workplace so agents are unable to work or communicate well with each other.


5.     Displeasing salary and benefits

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Many call centers don’t provide their employees with competitive salary and benefit packages, so agents are forced to seek employment elsewhere.


6.     Poor leadership

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Team leaders are crucial when it comes to employee management and retention. Poor leadership is among the leading factors that drive employees to resign because it results in bad management, lack of teamwork, and messy communication lines.



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