The customer service bottlenecks you need to avoid at all costs

For many consumers, customer service is the strongest indicator that a brand values its business and its community. Many customers don’t hesitate to switch brands when their initial choice fails to meet their expectations. Poor customer interactions diminish satisfaction levels and drive up churn rates.

There’s no perfect formula for creating the ideal customer experience strategy. Given a multitude of variables involved, each company needs to tweak their customer care style to suit the preferences of their target audience. However, across industries, there are common bottlenecks that harm the performance of call centers.

Here are some of the pain points you should avoid at all costs.


1.     Repeat contacts

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For customers who expect speed and convenience, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to connect with customer service agents repeatedly. For them, it translates to plenty of wasted time. To avoid this, call center leaders must devise ways to connect the right agent to customers. This ensures that callers are being assisted by agents who possess the knowledge and skills needed to solve their issues.


2.     Long hold times

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Nowadays, with the proliferation of multiple customer care channels, brands have a lot of options on how they can accommodate callers. If customers are still suffering from long hold times, it’s a sign you need to redefine your customer service strategy. When you fully utilize your arsenal of communication channels, you’ll find several ways to solve customers’ concerns quickly and efficiently. The key is to optimize your escalation process to make sure that you’re using the appropriate tools to handle specific types of issues.


3.     Agents’ lack of product knowledge

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With enhanced product knowledge, call center agents appear more reliable and trustworthy. This has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and that’s why it’s an integral part of customer care. Training and leadership can help agents improve their knowledge and skills when it comes to problem resolution. If they can’t perform well, either there’s something wrong with your training program or agents are suffering from low engagement levels.


4.     Slow online support

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Most, if not all, brands maintain a website or a social media page. Even if these channels are intended only for brand awareness and not for customer support, your followers still expect you to assist them on every platform available out there. Thus, you need a well-defined online customer experience strategy so you won’t get lost within the huge volumes of comments and messages that your followers may leave on your page.


5.     Unfulfilled promises

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Every business must follow this golden rule: Never promise what you can’t deliver. Remember that your customers will hold you accountable for your words, so try not to overcommit. Instead, let them feel that you value them by doing the best that you can, especially in terms of customer service.

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