Should your call center agents go ‘unscripted?’

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In call centers, scripts guide agents in assisting customers, laying out what action should be taken when it comes to a specific problem, and supposedly guarantees high quality customer service. But it doesn’t account for what will happen if a customer suddenly “goes off-script.” When that happens, your customer support team must be empowered to improvise a solution.

The importance of authenticity.

Going unscripted revolves around authenticity. Customers want a sincere customer service, one that genuine makes them feel important. Using a script word for word, however, can’t express sincerity and authenticity. The line didn’t come from your support team, it came from the scriptwriter.

Customer support expert Shep Hyken said, “You can’t fake sincerity.” When a customer hears a bad delivery of an empathy spiel, or even just a badly written script, it can further dissatisfy them or even anger them. They want to talk to a human being, not a robot or a corporate shill.

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Your agents must have the ability to adapt to circumstances and improvise when necessary. They must be empowered to think of the best resolution on the fly.

Take razor subscription business Dollar Shave Club for example. They rose to the challenge when a customer asked them in their Facebook page to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes for a month’s subscription. They used this opportunity not to only gain a sale, but to show that they go beyond for their customers.

Scripts also don’t account for a customer’s emotions. Unscripted customer interactions help build your customers’ trust. It makes the conversation flow naturally, thus creating a better customer experience.

Doug Carr of FRHI Hotels & Resorts once said, “The things that matter can’t be scripted.” Not all customers have the same problems. Your agents must have the ability to adapt to circumstances and improvise when necessary. They must be empowered to think of the best resolution on the fly. Most importantly, they must have customer-centric values, such as being empathic and having the will to help. Being dependent on the script can only get them so far.

But don’t throw your script just yet! Agents can still use their script as talking points to direct the conversation. That way, they can steer the talks in case it veers to something unimportant. Your employees can also use it as a safety net if in case they can’t articulate their thoughts. But whether it’s the script’s delivery or going unscripted, remember to train your agents. A well-equipped agent can ensure customer satisfaction, scriptless or not.



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