How sales representatives should handle rejections


How can a sales agent cope with the frustration of losing a potential customer? Open Access BPO explains how sales rejection can effectively be dealt with.

Sales rejection is the last thing a telemarketing agent would want. Just recalling how much effort you’ve given in persuading someone to say yes and where you went wrong can be a demotivating experience. For business owners and organizations, sales rejection can have a greater impact. That’s why sales agents from call centers in the Philippines are regularly trained on how to be more convincing when giving sales talk over the phone.

Aside from improving sales skills, however, managers and telemarketing agents must also learn how to effectively deal with rejection. True, sales rejection can be very frustrating, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to reflect and polish your sales focus.

Keeping it cool


When dealing with sales rejection, you must always approach the situation professionally. You don’t want to show your customers that you’re sad, angry, or disappointed with yourself. No matter how frustrated you are, you need to show them that you don’t take rejection personally. If they decline the sale, be polite and thank them for their time. By responding calmly, you can even proceed to asking why they’re saying no. Most of the time, clarifying a misunderstood piece of information is all what it takes to reverse the situation.

Even if customers say no right now, this doesn’t mean that they will abandon your company and never come back. This is why you should never engage in an argument with your customers even if they turned you down. Hard selling or any desperate sales tactics, meanwhile, can give them a bad impression of your brand. Professionalism is what you need, letting you create an image of trust and credibility. This is what you want them to remember about your brand in the future.

From zero to hero


Sales isn’t always about successful deals, increase in profits, or return of investment. There could also be sad endings. Telemarketing agents who conduct cold calls should be immune to rejection. If a customer says he has no need for your services, then don’t waste your time and learn to move on. Go on with your normal sales routine and continue looking for other people who will say yes to your offer. There are many consumers who can still potentially become your buyers if you move on immediately from a failed sales attempt.

True success, when it comes to sales, comes from persistence and experiential learning. Sales rejection is one challenge that can teach agents several things. It may be an unpleasant experience, but it can point out flaws in your system. You may then use this as an opportunity to work on your weaknesses. Sales rejection, when viewed using the right perspective, can be an opportunity for you to grow as a sales expert.



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