Why a Philippine call center should boost employee satisfaction


Making sure that employees remain happy and satisfied with their work is a very important aspect that is sometimes overlooked by call centers. Managing the level of satisfaction of each employee can help a Philippine call center improve its agents’ job performance, leading to overall effectiveness of its customer service delivery.

In this two-part series, we are going to discuss the whys and the hows of boosting agent satisfaction. To start off, here are some reasons why fostering a positive work environment can prove to be beneficial to the success of a call center:

•    Positive customer experience


When a call center pays attention to employee satisfaction, it can have a subsequent effect on the kind of experience the agents can give to customers over the phone.

A happy agent tends to be friendlier over the phone and can therefore give a positive experience to anyone who contacts your call center. Even when facing complaint calls from irate customers, happy workers tend to respond calmly and find a way to solve the issue systematically.

•    Loyalty

An employee who is satisfied with his or her current working conditions is also a stable employee and is more likely to last long in the call center. With higher employee retention and low attrition rate, a call center can build a stronger team with a higher level of expertise and knowledge gained over time. Needless to say, training costs will be reduced since there is no need for the call center to hire new agents as replacement.

•    Productivity

Satisfied workers are also more productive at work. They work hard because of inner drive or motivation without having to be pressured by the management. When agents enjoy what they are doing, not only are they accomplishing a lot of tasks, they also give effort and quality time to every project assigned to them. Moreover, since the agent is confident with what he or she does, only little supervision from the team leader is needed.

•    Influence to others


Happiness is contagious. When an agent observes that his or her colleagues are enjoying work, the positive attitude towards work can also be adopted by the person.

Conversely, when team members start complaining about their work, others also tend to contribute by raising their own deep-seated concerns. Ultimately, this culture can help build the call center’s image which can be used in attracting people to join the company in the future.

•    Engagement

A satisfied employee who finds happiness in his or her workplace will take an active role in maintaining the positivity of the work environment. When problems that could threaten their valued job arise, they are the first ones to find immediate solutions. They also proactively contribute ideas in making the workplace even better. This paves way for an improved interaction between employees and management.

These are the guaranteed effects of promoting employee welfare and satisfaction in call centers. In the second part of this series, we will teach you how to create a positive work environment. In the mean time, try to assess the level of agent satisfaction in your call center by asking yourself if the mentioned positive effects are present in your workplace.



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