How to optimize the physical layout of your Philippine call center


There are several things that can influence a call center’s productivity. Its physical layout is one of these. Open Access BPO, a California-based outsourcing firm with a Philippine call center operations facilities, explains how you can optimize your call center’s office design to boost your agents’ efficiency.

Your call center agents’ productivity and work quality can be influenced by their work environment. This is why, as call center managers, you need to look for ways to make your workplace a positive one for your employees.

In order to establish an ideal office environment, your call center’s physical layout must be carefully thought out. Here’s what you can do to make sure that the physical components of your call center can contribute to your overall productivity.




Your production floor must be big enough to accommodate the number of call center agents you have, since noise can hinder your workforce from being productive. This means that every work station should allow its occupying agent to sit comfortably, move freely, and stretch every now and then. There must be sufficient spaces between cubicles or stations in your production floor. This can help keep one agent’s sounds from interrupting nearby agents. It would also be ideal to have spacious pathways to enable your employees to easily move from one place to another without having to crowd and areas and disturb those working in nearby work stations.




The main facilities and function areas of your call center, including training rooms and back office departments, must always be maintained properly since all of these can influence your operations in one way or another. Ventilation and lighting conditions must be optimized to boost agent efficiency. Adding facilities, such as a clinics, gyms, entertainment rooms, and sleeping quarters can contribute to the welfare of call center agents. Since your agents work in a stressful environment, these facilities will help them take a breather once in a while.




The quality of your call center technologies can highly influence the performance of your agents. If they’re using faulty phone lines or outdated software, they can never be as productive as you want them to be. This can even cause frustration on the part of the customers. As such, every equipment in your call center – from the computers and their applications to the headsets and mice – must be checked regularly in order to maintain its quality. Technical issues must also be fixed immediately since they can lead to bigger problems. Office properties such as desks and chairs, meanwhile, should be selected with ergonomics in mind to ensure that the agents are comfortable during their entire shifts.



Interior design

Believe it or not, your production floor’s interior design can have an impact on your agents’ work behavior. Having dull-colored walls with no element of creativity can cause them to feel less enthusiastic. Using uplifting color schemes and artistic wall designs is therefore preferable. You can even add motivational slogans or quotes to improve the mood of your agents.


The physical aspect of your call center environment can impact your agents’ productivity. By taking a closer look at these areas, you can optimize your physical layout to make sure agents are free from elements that prevent them from being the best that they can be.



Open Access BPO

Open Access BPO

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