What makes a good outbound sales agent?


Making cold calls is one of many challenging tasks that outbound telemarketing agents commonly face. It’s when agents are tasked to make calls to people who don’t have previous engagements with the company and its products for the purpose of generating leads or sales. Given that you might be calling people who have never heard of your company, this job requires individuals who have strong sales skills to communicate, sell, and close a deal.

Not too many people are willing to be put on the line of rejection from potential customers who are not interested in engaging in conversations. So with the right combination of skills and experiences, agents can improve their performances to be more confident in doing cold calls. In order to turn every call into sales, here are some characteristics that every agent must have and learn to develop:


1.     Industry knowledge


In the telemarketing field, the right knowledge doesn’t solely come from mastering procedures and scripts. One of the most effective ways to expand your telemarketing knowledge is through experience. It doesn’t matter if you have a long list of rejected calls; what’s important is how you learn from the experience, bounce back, and turn your next calls into sales. This also teaches you the right communication strategies to use and the apt timing of calls that can turn you into a seasoned agent.


2.     Mastery in delivering spiels


Utilizing compelling lines that don’t sound too structured can help you get the customers’ attention. The key is to own the script and make it sound as natural as possible. This includes mentioning the name of the person you called and rephrasing their responses. While call centers offer a script that agents must follow, you can slightly tweak some lines that match your personality. This can help you be more persuasive.


3.     Patience under any circumstances


One size fits all doesn’t apply in telemarketing. As much as you would only like to talk to interested and enthusiastic people, some leads in your list can be irate, unreasonable, and disinterested. Since you can’t choose who to deal with, you need to have patience for every type of customer to accommodate their hesitations, frustrations, and adverse reactions. Dealing with them in a professional manner shows how you value and respect their decisions despite their negative responses.


4.     Flexibility in dealing with customers


In relation to the previous point, agents have to deal with different kinds of customers. A conversation with an enthusiastic client can be followed by an unresponsive one. While it can be difficult not to adapt to the moods of the people you call, agents must always treat each call like their first one. They are expected to deliver a persuasive and energetic conversation in every outbound call. This kind of attitude is a must in this kind of diverse customer-based business.


5.     Detail-oriented


There are instances when clients raise questions or clarifications in the middle of a sales pitch. Agents must take note of the patterns in the potential customers’ questions to build strong and clear points to overturn their hesitations. As mentioned, telemarketing agents must not be complacent with their script guide, and deviate from it when necessary to get more answers from their leads. This is why agents need to focus on small details so that their customers can be assured that they are understood and that their concerns are taken into consideration, making it easier for them to close the sale.


For some newly hired outbound sales agents, it can take a while to turn cold calls into sales. It would help if companies and their team leaders would give them sufficient time to develop their skills to succeed in outbound telemarketing. Give importance to developing these skills, and you can expect a decrease in call rejections and an increase in sales performance.



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