What makes a good call center supervisor?


The success of a team is heavily dependent on the quality of leadership that fuels it. For outsourcing clients, the leaders managing their team in a call center in the Philippines are expected to be effective in motivating their agents. Open Access BPO explains what different qualities are expected from call center supervisors.

A call center supervisor plays a crucial role in the success of the team. By educating, motivating, and supporting his team of agents, a supervisor is expected to make sure that everyone accomplishes tasks promptly and effectively.

In order to make an impact on their agents, supervisors must understand what qualities they should possess and how to manifest them. Of course, it’s impossible to program all supervisors to work and act in a certain ideal behavior. However, in order to become successful leaders, there are leadership traits that supervisors must possess and reinforce. Here are some of them:


1.   Sets firm goals

Goals motivate agents to perform well because they serve as targets to work toward. Call center supervisors must be effective in setting clear and realistic goals that can boost the performance of their agents. They must know how to make their employees appreciate the goals by explaining how their accomplishments will benefit the call center. Supervisors must also know which goals should be prioritized by taking into consideration the outsourcing client’s priorities.

2.   Communicates effectively

Supervisors must have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. The responsibilities of a supervisor require a lot of task assigning and motivating through spoken words. Meetings, coaching sessions, and focus group discussions are usually spearheaded by the supervisor. On top of these, supervisors also prepare procedure guidelines, evaluation forms, and announcements. Hence, they must be well-rounded in communicating with their agents.

3.   Leads by example


The responsibility of a supervisor in being a role model to his or her agents can never be emphasized more. Agents always go back to what their supervisors instruct them to do when facing critical situations. Generally, everything the supervisor does is expected to be correct and worth following. When a new skill or procedure is introduced to the agents, the supervisor must be part of the training and learn together with them.

4.   Monitors performance carefully

A good supervisor knows how feedback can influence an agent’s performance. Supervisors must therefore be able to evaluate their agents properly and give the necessary feedback that can motivate them to do better. Coaching must always be done constructively, even if it involves pointing out mistakes of agents. Supervisors must also know how to acknowledge achievements and good practices of agents.

5.   Motivates people to do better

Supervisors always need to motivate their teams to meet specific performance targets. They must know that agents are unique individuals. Hence, different motivators are needed to inspire each one of them. They should also know how to identify possible causes of their team’s weak performance. Even in the absence of budget for rewards or incentives, supervisors must be able to boost the morale of the team by simply talking to them.

By making sure that these leadership traits are incorporated into the role of a call center supervisor, a team can have a leader that is both work-oriented and people-oriented. Since the supervisor navigates the team to reach greater heights, these qualities are therefore needed for a team to become more productive.



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