How important is first call resolution to a Philippine call center?


One of the metrics commonly used by contact centers is first contact resolution. Open Access BPO explains why this key performance indicator is a reliable assessment tool that can bring several benefits to a call center.

There are many metrics that a contact center can use in gauging its effectiveness as a customer support provider. Out of all of these yardsticks, however, one key performance indicator (KPI) stands out because of its popularity among outsourcing companies worldwide: the first call resolution (FCR).

The Philippines, being one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations in the world, is home to several contact centers that make use of FCR as a primary evaluation tool. Simply put, FCR measures the number of customer support cases that were resolved completely on first call attempt. This reminds call center agents that they need to give their best when assisting customers with their concerns. Otherwise, many people will call back to raise the same previously reported concerns, which is interpreted as a sign of poor customer service delivery.

Customer experience


A repeat call may mean that the customer did not understand the agent’s instructions or was given an ineffective solution. High FCR rates therefore mean that call center agents are able to give prompt and reliable assistance to customers. This matters a lot to brands that want to improve customer satisfaction.

When customers are spared from having to call again to ask for assistance, the call center gets to reinforce the reputation of its outsourcing client. Since customer satisfaction and loyalty are crucial in ensuring revenues and longevity in the industry, FCR can help a brand achieve its goals of delivering exceptional customer service.


Believe it or not, a simple repeat call can potentially incur a big financial loss to the company. Escalations and transfer calls to the different departments can mean unnecessary exhaustion of more resources. When a call center keeps on showing poor FCR performance, many customers may abandon the brand because of its poor customer service.

For customers, time is gold. The hassle of calling a contact center just to have a problem fixed can be an issue if the customer has to repeat the same procedure because of incompetent customer support. Call centers may resolve to hiring and training more agents, which is also another costly effort.

Agent efficiency


High FCR rates can earn a call center bragging rights over its workforce. Agent efficiency is one of the important considerations for companies when outsourcing to a call center. With good FCR performance, a call center can convince prospective clients that it has strong quality assurance strategies and later on earn their trust.

For call center managers, FCR data can also be used in improving the performance of their customer support teams. They can now track agents who are struggling in giving the right solution on their first attempt. Necessary coaching or training measures can then be used to enhance the overall quality of the team’s customer service delivery.

Having an impressive standing in terms of first contact resolution can help a call center prove its credibility in meeting its client’s goals. Prompt resolution is an ingredient to a positive customer experience. Every call center must not therefore take FCR for granted when measuring the effectiveness of its call center agents.



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