How gamification can transform your call center in 2015


How your agents see their work and the people they work with matters to the success of your call center. Open Access BPO explains how gamification, a rising call center trend, can transform your workforce into a pool of customer service champions.

Employee engagement plays a major role in the successful implementation of any brand’s customer service strategies. For a call center in the Philippines to deliver excellent service, it needs to have more than just skillful and knowledgeable call center agents. When your customer service representatives are motivated to do their job, they are able to execute their front-line duties more effectively.

Understanding the concept of gamification


Contact center gamification is one way of making sure that your call center workforce brings its A game. Gamification is done by integrating competition and other game mechanics to the call center operation in order to influence the work behaviors of agents. Ordinary tasks are turned into competitive activities. Scores and quotas are monitored and compared among teams. Rewards are given based on performance and accomplishments.

Gamification can be done in several ways. Aside from surpassing quotas or outperforming other teams, agents who have committed the least errors may also be rewarded. Sales agents may also earn points based on closed deals or successful sales conversions.

The principles of gamification are nothing new. Competition and incentives have always been used by managers of various organizations to motivate their members. The only major difference that the structured implementation of contact center gamification presents is the conscious and guided effort of unlocking the potentials of the call center workforce.

What contact center gamification can offer

There are many ways gamification can impact your contact center. In a nutshell, this strategy targets employee engagement and agent productivity. What makes gamification promising is the guaranteed improvement in specific performance areas and competencies that are vital to every call center.

Formal training sessions, when programmed and executed using gamification techniques, transform from boring and obligatory procedures into exciting and interactive events that every agent will look forward to. This increases the level of commitment that agents show during the training stage, which is one of the most crucial stages of a call center’s operation.

Making use of scoreboards and rewards system can greatly encourage agents to exceed productivity goals. When healthy competition is present in an organization, its members would naturally strive to gain recognition. Inter-department competitions are great opportunities for teams to exhibit collaboration and camaraderie. This tactic makes it easy for team leaders to identify top-performing agents and assist weak members by sharing their expertise.


Since employee satisfaction and morale are key factors in securing employee retention, gamification proves to be a viable tool in eliminating the harms and unwanted costs brought by agent attrition. It increases motivation, which enables agents to work toward the call center’s goals without being forced to do so. The incentives, on the other hand, serve as a reminder that the company appreciates their hard work. This can transform your people into passionate and service-oriented individuals who continuously strive to improve even without direct supervision.

The customer service unit is vital to every business because it helps foster the relationship the latter shares with its customers. It is therefore necessary for contact centers to find ways on how to keep their staff well-trained and engaged. Gamification will not only transform your call center by driving agent satisfaction and productivity, but also by ultimately making it a winner in delivering outstanding customer service to your valued customers.


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