Employee engagement tactics you can use to retain your call center agents

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You may recall that the outsourcing industry has an employee turnover issues. These issues stem from various factors which may include internal or personal factors. The image of the industry as an “electronic sweatshop” only makes it worse. To alleviate this problem, your bilingual call center must develop strategies to improve its employee engagement tactics.

Keeping your contact center agents satisfied is one thing; keeping them engaged is another. Engaged employees are fully-driven and committed to ensuring the call center’s success and achievement of its goals. These employees make sure that the customer receives the quality customer service they deserve.

In that sense, employee satisfaction can be considered a baseline for retaining your agents. It’s the solid ground on which employee engagement can be built upon. So, how do you keep your workers fully engaged? Here are several strategies to help you out.


1.     Empower your agents

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The repetitive and mundane tasks in the typical call center can only bore agents. Renew their sense of purpose and meaning. Present them with the company’s vision and goals so they can adjust their performance accordingly. You can suggest possible career paths they can take for them to map out their career advancement and growth inside your contact center.

You’ll also need to let them feel that they’re an integral part of the company by giving them enough autonomy to deal with customers. Cut the red tape that hinders them from coming up with creative solutions that can solve your customers’ concerns.


2.     Listen to your employees

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Communication is the key to a fruitful and long-lasting relationship. Even within the company. Employee feedback matters because you’re giving your workers the chance to voice out their concerns about their jobs and the company. It also lets you in the mindset of your agents, which could give you insights on how you could make the current customer experience better for both the customer and your personnel. After all, your workforce directlty interacts with your customers, so they’ll have an idea what could make the transaction better.


3.     Equip them with the tools they need to achieve success

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Your call center equipment and software also factor in when it comes to engaging your employees. The tools you provide shouldn’t hinder agents from giving quality customer service. An agent dashboard that shows real-time metrics and key performance indicators can help your workforce adjust their performance to suit your call center’s needs. Should employees be stumped at what to do, a knowledgebase they can easily access can help them spring back into action.


4.     Offer them continuous and cross trainings to spice up their skills

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Coaching shouldn’t end when your agents complete training. It should be a process that continues throughout your agents’ careers. This involves constant collaboration between your team leaders and your training team. As they monitor their agents’ performance, team leaders must be able to identiy those who are failing to reach their goals and hand them over to the training department for additional coaching.

You could also give agents cross training opportunity to so they could learn new skills they can use in the advancement of their career. That way, you continue to sharpen the edge of your employees, setting them up to be great agents and leaders in the futures.


5.     Let your agents relax

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Give your employees the chance to let their hair down. Your agents should have the opportunity to switch off from their typical call center mode. Through various engagement events and team-building activities, you’re allowing your employees to have a downtime and relax from the intensive stress of the industry. Not only that, team-building activities improve your call center team’s synergy, letting them build trust, rapport, and camaraderie among each other.


Employee engagement should be a priority for your call center, increasing productivity, efficiency, and effectivity. After all, you’re investing on your employees’ welfare for them to achieve your call center’s goals. Keep them satisfied and engaged. Be the driving force for your agents to achieve success.



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