What customers expect from a Philippine call center


Every time a customer contacts a representative regarding a product-related problem, the one thing that is always expected from a call center agent is a prompt and effective resolution. Any type of delay or inefficiency can be frustrating to the customer. Hence, a Philippine call center must address customer issues with genuine and top-of-the-line assistance if it wants to build an image of quality customer service.

Essential to the process of improving customer service delivery is knowing what the customers expect whenever they call. Here are six customer service traits that customers expect your call center to have:

1.     Prompt response


Customers dislike having to wait for a long time before speaking to someone over the phone. If your call center uses an interactive voice response (IVR), it must pick up after one or two rings. Do not let your customers go through many menus before speaking with an actual person.

2.     Short hold times

The initial frustration felt by a customer making a complaint call can heighten when the person is kept on hold for a significant length of time. If a customer has to wait for more than three minutes, give him or her the option of getting a call-back. For the same reason, cold transfer is one of the top call center mistakes that must be avoided.

3.     Courtesy

Customers expect to be treated politely over the phone. Agents must be trained how to handle different kinds of callers and respond to complaint calls. An irate customer is more likely going to calm down if he or she is talking to an agent who is patient in explaining things.

4.     Attentive listening


Agents must always practice effective listening when talking to customers. It can influence the mood of the conversation as well as the agent’s understanding of the issue presented. Paraphrasing is one way of showing that the agent is actively listening to what the customer is saying.

5.     Solution

More than anything, the customer wants his or her problems resolved by the end of the phone call. Customers must not be unnecessarily transferred or asked to call back just because an agent does not know how to solve the issue. The process of solving the problem must also be explained in a way that is easy for the customer to understand.

When it comes to customer service, customer expectations are highly valued. If poor service is given, the business could end up losing customers. By training your agents to meet the expectations of a customer, you are helping a brand build a stronger image to its customer base through quality customer service.



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