Complaint handling tips for Philippine call center agents


It’s never easy to receive complaint calls from disappointed customers. But a great customer service representative can find ways to turn the situation around. What Philippine call center agents should remember is that complaint calls can serve as opportunities not only to exercise call handling skills, but also to prove to customers that their satisfaction towards their experience with the brand is given much importance.

It may sound tricky, but with the right customer care approach, it can be fairly easy to do. Here are five ways how a customer service representative can win dissatisfied customers back:


•    Listening well

Listening carefully to details is crucial in handling customer complaints because it helps an agent identify what the root problem really is. At the same time, it can also help him understand the other needs of the customer that may be aggravating the situation. When these things are identified properly, it’s easier for an agent to think of an action plan and eventually provide a solution.

•    Being patient

Angry customers have the tendency to be very wordy in explaining themselves, and they can be hardly understandable because of the emotions clouding their thoughts. Therefore, patience is key to understanding the concern. Responding impatiently may just make the caller angrier. Wait for the customer to calm down and then ask questions that would politely lead the discussion to what the problem really is.

•    Being proactive

When the problem has been identified, do not just tell the caller that the problem will be solved soon. Make the customer understand what actions are going to be taken. Explain the steps in adequate details so that the customer has an idea of what is about to take place. This will help the customer feel involved in solving the problem and feel at ease.

•    Being honest


Be honest and realistic in offering solutions to customers. If the customers demand for a solution that is impossible to provide, inform them of what other possible steps can be taken instead. Overpromising is one customer service mistake that you should avoid. Promising something just to send off an irate customer will lead to unfavorable outcomes to both the caller and the brand’s image.

•    Being sincere

Customers can tell if an apology is heartfelt. The first thing to do in handling a complaint call is to apologize for the inconvenience. If the caller feels that the apology is insincere or forced, it will only reinforce his ill feeling. Sincerity should always be present when dealing with customers. No amount of training can make an agent become an effective customer service provider if there is no genuine willingness to help the customers.

A well-handled complaint call is not only characterized by addressing problems. It also extends to making the customers feel that their satisfaction is valued by the brand. Complaint calls are unavoidable since nothing is perfect, but an angry customer that is treated right can still be a happy customer at the end of the day. This paves the way to the customers’ stronger loyalty to the business.



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