How can a call center in the Philippines practice time management?


The task of managing time wisely is a continuous challenge for call center managers in maintaining the agents’ efficiency and productivity. Open Access BPO explains how you can effectively design a timetable both for your call center operations.

Time management and delegation of tasks are two important responsibilities that leaders in a call center must execute effectively. The ability to establish a schedule and follow it consistently is the key to a smooth and productive call center operation. Your challenge as a call center manager is to handle tasks that involve geographically diverse customers and a workforce that is prone to being distracted.

In order to stay competitive, call centers must eliminate issues concerning time management and productivity from their system. Your ability to come up with a flawless time management system can define your team’s success in meeting expectations. It involves tracking deadlines and allocating time allowances per task. With the right strategies, your time management practices can turn your agents into exceptionally efficient individuals.

Setting schedules for outsourcing campaigns


When establishing time management strategies, you must take into consideration several factors in order to come up with realistic and achievable deadlines. For example, if there’s a telemarketing campaign that is about to be launched, you should not just blindly select a starting date that is convenient to you. The recruitment and training procedures must also be kept in mind.

The goal to not waste time must never outweigh the goal of ensuring the quality of services you deliver to the outsourcing clients.

Furthermore, you must also allot enough time for your workforce to learn to use all required processes, technologies, and equipment. Failing to take these into consideration can lead to technical issues or human errors when your agents finally go on live production.

Managing individual task schedule

Every call center in the Philippines must also come up with a system that tracks daily tasks and key performance metrics, such as call handling time, hold times, and resolution rates. Metrics must be a vital component of agent evaluation since they offer objective data that can be free from external influences or subjective interpretation.


Letting agents monitor their schedule compliance will allow them to adjust their work behaviors. This is a good way to motivate them to become better in managing their own time.

Personal time-offs must never be sacrificed since they help in preventing agents from getting overworked. By empowering agents to manage their schedule wisely, they are able to prioritize tasks and execute accountability in meeting individual goals.

Evaluation must encompass factors that hinder agents from meeting their personal timetables. This will allow you to detect issues like data overload and understaffing. Usually, when work quality is deteriorating from what used to be an exceptional performance, there might be a growing time management issue that needs to be detected and resolved.

Time is of incomparable value in a call center. Managing it properly can help you build a good reputation to your clients who, in turn, will also benefit from increased revenues. Since it is an essential commodity, optimizing time must therefore be part of your quality assurance strategies.



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