How a call center’s IVR system can help you save money


An IVR system can bring a lot of advantages to a business. One feature that is often overlooked is its cost-effectiveness. Open Access BPO explains how setting up a call routing system can cut down costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Many businesses consider interactive voice response (IVR) as a technological asset that can help them organize incoming calls. With call routing and call holding features, an IVR system can help you or your outsourced call center in the Philippines configure welcome greetings and prompts, automate assistance, and direct calls to the most appropriate department.

The sad truth is, there are companies that opt not to set up an IVR system for themselves because they think telephone menu systems are too complicated to configure or will just drive customers away. What they don’t realize is that other than efficiency and organization, IVR can also help them save a lot of money.

Risks of not having an IVR system


If your business attends to high volumes of calls regularly from different sets of customers, you have two options: set up an IVR system or provide multiple numbers or customer service hotlines that customers can use in contacting you. If your solution is to give them a list of numbers to dial, you are running the risk of facing these problems:

1.     This strategy frustrates customers who may go through each number but still end up unsuccessful in contacting you because all lines are busy. Some would only try one number and won’t bother using the other ones. Instead, they might turn to another brand that is easily reachable.

2.     Even if you specify the name of the receiving department for every number you list down, some customers can still stubbornly call all the other departments if the line they are trying to reach initially is busy. This will hamper productivity and potentially frustrate agents and customers alike.

Obviously, you don’t want a customer experiencing technical issues to call your order-taking agent only to be transferred to a more appropriate respondent. Every second in a call center is important. Prolonging the call can mean more agony for customers and lost business opportunities for you.

Understanding the cost-effectiveness of IVR

By setting up an IVR system, you make the call experience easier for your customers and your agents. Aside from the ability to transfer calls to the right department, an IVR system can also entertain calls with comprehensive automated instructions to best cater customer concerns. This increases first contact resolution rates by eliminating chances of cases being escalated or transferred to a different department.


Since an IVR can include welcome greeting features and automated prompts, it spares your company from hiring a receptionist or phone operator. IVR systems are also relatively affordable because they don’t need a lot of maintenance or technical troubleshooting.

Most importantly, since several calls can be accommodated all at the same time, you lessen the chances of losing customers to other brands. Some IVR systems may also be configured to prompt callers to give a return call if they don’t want to wait in queue. This efficient call management system can increase customer satisfaction. It can even make your company look bigger than it actually is, as if it has several departments.

With the ability to boost customer satisfaction, an IVR system can be a customer service asset that is worth the investment. With low associated costs, upgrading your call center processes by setting up a telephone menu system can therefore be a cost-effective and smart strategy for your business.



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