How a call center in the Philippines benefits from goal alignment


All businesses benefit from having their client, management, and employee goals aligned. Premiere outsourcing company in the Philippines, Open Access BPO, explores some of these benefits.

Goal alignment, whether between business partners or within coworkers, has undeniable benefits. This is why every call center in the Philippines strives to work as one by making sure that all parties involved in the outsourcing deal—from the client, the call center management, down to the agents—are well-aware of the results they have to achieve.

Call centers do it by orienting agents and tracking progress. By doing so, they gain the following advantages:

•   Higher profitability


Knowing how their individual goals and achievements contribute to the company’s success can motivate agents to be more engaged with their work. They focus and involve themselves more deeply because they are more aware of their roles and how they affect others’ performance and duties.

This boost in productivity and efficiency will then help heighten the operating margins and profitability of the call center.

•   Quicker execution of campaigns

As goal alignment starts with knowing each person’s objectives and understanding which goals to prioritize, the call center will be able to develop a campaign with people who are most capable for the job. Delegating the people with the right talents, skills, and motivation to projects will ensure high quality services. In addition, this will expose and remove redundant roles, thus accelerating the pace of the campaign execution.

•   Lower employee attrition


Aside from increased profitability, a call center in the Philippines can boost its workforce’s loyalty through goal alignment. Workers will have a clearer view of their possible career paths and present responsibilities if the management orients them about the goals they must achieve individually and collectively.

Since a clear career path can lengthen employee tenure and increase job satisfaction, call centers with aligned client-management-agent goals could experience an attrition rate decline.

To gain these benefits, companies must first understand that goal alignment requires clear communication and active involvement from everyone involved. No role is too small and no task is too overwhelming as long as everyone works in attaining a universal goal.



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