Call center office design ideas to boost productivity

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Today’s call centers must look closely at what could be influencing their performance so they can make the most out of their resources. One of the most neglected factors that influence employee productivity is office design.

The way companies design their office interiors has changed drastically throughout the years . The traditional design focuses on cramming as many people as possible into a small space. The cubicle then became popular as a way to improve productivity by giving employees privacy. Nowadays, companies are more into open, collaborative spaces that are more relaxed rather than formal.

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Some of today’s biggest companies, such as Google and Facebook, are well-known for their unique workspaces. There are areas for playing games, relaxing and sleeping, and collaboration. The idea is to get people to interact more with one another, inspire creativity, and provide employees a place where they can be productive without feeling stressed out or pressured.

For contact centers, adopting these design ideas could trigger performance improvements, as they boost employee engagement.


1.     Minimize the level of noise.

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To allow agents to communicate clearly with callers, their work environment must be free of unnecessary noise. Machines that produce noise, such as printers and photocopiers, must be transferred to another room. Also, you can allot separate spaces for meetings and other group activities so they won’t intrude into ongoing call center operations.


2.     Use stimulating colors.

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While it hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, it’s popularly believed that colors can actually affect our moods , For instance, the color blue is commonly associated with feelings of calmness, whereas green hues are said to induce feelings of refreshment, as it’s the color of nature. Yellow, orange, and purple tones are also great mood boosters. Why not use these colors in your office interior design to lighten up the atmosphere and boost everyone’s moods?


3.     Create spaces for collaboration.

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Increased collaboration is the foundation of efficient teamwork. To establish good team dynamics, call centers must provide spaces where employees can talk to one another in a relaxed manner. It can be a lounge with comfy couches or a mini-café where agents can grab coffee and have a nice chat. As opposed to formal meeting rooms (i.e., those with office chairs, tables, and LCD projector), these spaces allow employees to feel more at ease with one another. Therefore, they’ll be more willing to talk freely and share insights. Plus, this increases employee retention, as employees with friends in the office are less likely to leave .


4.     Allot a space for relaxation and fun.

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In a call center, employees are usually asked to work on rotating schedules. This might make them prone to lack of sleep, as they may have a hard time adjusting their body clocks. That’s why it’s important to allot spaces where agents can take a nap.

Areas where employees can play a game or two are also a good idea. It would allow them to unwind, have fun, and catch a quick break from work.


5.     Use ergonomic furniture.

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As you plan your office design, make sure to choose ergonomic furniture. Sitting for eight hours or more every day can take a toll on employees’ well-being and may even lead to bad posture and muscle pains. To avoid this, make sure to provide comfortable chairs. Computer monitors must also be positioned at the eye level, while desks must be at elbow height.

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