Call center management tips for a stress-free workplace


Call center jobs are perceived to be among the most stressful careers. Agents working in customer service campaigns are tasked to talk to clients for long periods every day, find solutions to problems, and handle irate callers. The most difficult part is that they have to execute all these tasks without showing any sign of stress or frustration.

Leaving the well-being of employees unaddressed could lead to long-term performance dips which can affect the whole team, and may increase the attrition rates of your company. To manage your team better, reduce stress, and boost productivity, follow these tips in optimizing your call center setup.


1.     Pay attention to ergonomics.


Ergonomics is a broad term encompassing all factors related to comfort and efficiency in the workplace. In an office setup, this refers to comfortable furniture and properly functioning equipment. For example, simply replacing your office chairs with ones with softer upholstery can make a huge difference especially in the long run. Moreover, enhancing the office ergonomics can help employees avoid posture-related problems, sight defects, and other unhealthful conditions.


2.     Minimize noise.


Although low-key, quiet music can sometimes help agents concentrate, the general principle that works best in office settings is to provide a noise-free environment. Too much noise not only can be distracting; it can also affect the quality of communication between customers and agents. As a solution, your call center setup must incorporate acoustic designs that reduce background noise.


3.     Use plants to decorate the office.


Good planting arrangements can make any space livelier and more vibrant. Plus, a little greenery in the office can reduce stress not just because of aesthetics. Plants also enhance the air quality and act as sound absorbers, leading to an improved work environment.


4.     Promote a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy diet and exercise are known as two of the best stress busters. Call center agents generally have a sedentary lifestyle, so encouraging them to stay physically active and to indulge in nutritious meals can improve their physical and mental well-being. You can do this by adding shower facilities, launching exercise programs, holding sports events regularly, and providing free nutritional counseling.


5.     Provide easy access to beverages.


Providing free drinks such as coffee, tea, and fruit juices to your agents will not only enhance their experience as employees in your firm. This would also prevent everyone from leaving their desks to buy drinks from nearby shops, thus boosting the team’s productivity in the long run. Also, this is a great way to attract new applicants and keep your team growing.


Part of good call center management is making sure that agents have access to everything they need to carry out their functions as smoothly as possible. Start implementing the tips above to maximize your team’s abilities while looking out for their general well-being.



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