Agent qualities that ensure great call center phone etiquette


Unlike what many people may think, the job of a customer service representative not as easy as it seems. Along with the daily tasks of having to answer calls and respond to emails, they also need to contend with angry customers with unreasonable demands.

To guarantee that customers are satisfied enough to continue being consumers of the company, call centers must monitor their agents closely and ensure that a standard quality of service is established and maintained. Phone etiquette is one essential component that can help businesses achieve these goals, and keeps the customer service strategies progressing.

As frontliners, customer care agents act as brand ambassadors who need to carry out your company’s image and deliver exceptional customer support service. Here are some of the main characteristics you need to instill in your agents so they can uphold your set call center etiquette standards:


1.     Professionalism


Every customer likes to feel valued. This involves showing genuine compassion and empathy by trying to understand your caller’s predicaments. It’s your responsibility to remain calm and rational in different kinds of situations.

Though there are times when customers may go overboard, agents must always be in control of the situation. They must stay calm and focus on the issues, rather than the customers’ outburst. In that way, the interaction can still run in the right direction without causing friction.

2.     Respect

Dealing with frustrated callers is normal in the customer care field. But even if these customers start raising their voices and say inappropriate words, they must still be spoken with utmost respect. This means continuing the call with a consistently professional manner. On the other hand, it’s also your agents’ right to protect themselves from any possible verbal abuse from dissatisfied callers, so it’s best to set policies for such unfortunate incidents.

3.     Honesty

As much as businesses want to please clients, there are times when their requests can’t be accommodated. This shouldn’t be a reason for agents to cover the truth just to pacify customers. Being transparent and honest to your customers is important, even if it might lead to their disappointment. This shows your genuine intention to address their needs and dedication to resolve it promptly.

4.     Neutral

Biases and personal opinions must not be imposed by agents, as it can cause unnecessary heated arguments. Not taking sides allows both parties to focus on the issues at hand, and makes the problem solving process easier and more efficient. However, being too neutral might lead customers to feel your indifference. So, it’s still important to empathize with them while keeping your personal viewpoints at bay.

5.     Flexibility

In dealing with customers, you must be ready for sudden changes brought about the situation or company policy. Being prepared to take alternatives is a good way to respond to unforeseen circumstances that require flexibility in handling customers. There may also be instances when some customers require more consideration. To avoid escalations, you must learn how to bend a little without compromising the company’s image and goals.


Having the right phone etiquette reflects your business’ standards. Hence, you should always give a significant amount of time to coach agents and ensure they represent your company well.


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