7 Actionable tips for a friendly customer service


Call center agents who deliver great service have one thing in common: they’re genuinely friendly to customers. Their sincerity lets them view the customers as the sole focus of their job and that allows them to appreciate the fact that they’ve chosen their brand above all the others. This kind of attitude is the foundation of a service that persuades customers to return for more purchases.

Equipping employees with this attitude must therefore be the goal of customer service training. What most managers fail to realize, however, is that this can be achieved through simple customer service tips. Although commonly overlooked, they can instantly make agents seem warmer and generally friendlier to customers.


1.     Smile.


Customers can usually tell whether the agent they’re talking to is smiling or grimacing from just the tone of their voice. Therefore, agents must always be aware of their own facial expressions. Their moods can either positively or negatively impact a customer’s perception about a brand. A smile, at least, shows much promise. It makes a customer feel cared for and valued.


2.     Start with a warm greeting.


This tip isn’t applicable solely to customer service. You can also use this technique as part of your branding. When agents reach out to brand representatives, they’re usually greeted with something like this:

“Hello, this is Agent X from Brand A. How may I help you?”

In reality, most customers have gone tired of this unenthusiastic hello. Why not use a warmer greeting like:

“Hi! How are you doing today?”

A more upbeat and creative opening line instantly shifts the mood of a conversation into a lighter one.


3.     Listen to the customer.


Often, agents fail to listen to customers without realizing it. This is the biggest form of disservice that brands can ever commit. Even though they have products to advertise and sales quotas to reach, the customers’ interests must still always be the number one priority.


4.     Provide options.


There will be times when it’s impossible to solve a customer’s problems without compromising some of their other requests or violating some policies. In these cases, never ever decide for the customer. Rather, explain their options well. This lets them pick the scenario that benefits them most.


5.     Make them understand.


Most of the problems between customers and agents can be solved through clear communication. Often, customers grow frustrated because they don’t fully understand the bigger picture. If agents can give them accurate details, customers will be more willing to listen.


6.     Ask for their feedback.


Gathering feedback is one of the most important activities that must be instilled to agents through customer service training. When customers are asked for their inputs, they get the impression that the brand is on a mission to improve its services. Moreover, brands also benefit by having access to useful customer insights.


7.     Fulfill your promises.


This is probably the most important among all these customer service tips. Call center agents must try not to overcompensate for customers’ wishes if they aren’t that confident that they can deliver. In all instances, agents should consider a brand’s capability to satisfy customers’ demands. Ideally, brands must always go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. After all, they will always be a brand’s source of success.



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  1. Customer not only need the solution of their problems but also friendly atmosphere when they call the customer center! These points ensure the customers, agents are more engaged with them to resolve the problems and enhance the customer’s satisfaction level. Great words, thanks for sharing!

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