6 Tips to deliver a superb customer experience

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Brands aim to deliver excellent customer support to solve clients’ issues and help them make the most out of their purchases. When call center agents resolve problems quickly, they can keep customers happy. But how can you ensure that your team not only addresses issues but also enriches the customer experience?

The key is to place your customers at the core of your organization. Each time you interact with them, you must be able to make them feel special.

Here are six tips on how you can improve the consumer experience through the help of your contact center.


1.     Deliver a seamless multichannel service.

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These days, customers have varying preferences on how they want to contact brands. That’s why you should deliver your customer service in multiple channels, including the phone, email, live chat, social media, and SMS. This strategy makes it easier for your customers to reach you anytime they want.

However, be sure that you can provide a seamless customer experience across multiple transactions. For instance, a customer may contact you initially via email and follow up with you via the phone. In such cases, agents should have a full view of the customer’s previous transactions regardless of the channel they took place in. This helps them fully understand the customer’s issue, leading to quick and effective resolution.

A powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool can help you with this. These software tracks customer data and interactions across multiple channels and stores them in one place. Using this tool, agents can gain insights into a customer’s issues, allowing them to come up with effective solutions.


2.     Provide accurate information at all times.

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You should be able to provide your customers with accurate and consistent information about your products and services. Giving them just one wrong detail can create a poor impression among them. This can negatively influence the way consumers see your brand, which can also affect your sales.

To ensure that your agents can provide the right information to your clients, give them access to an updated knowledge base. Also, make sure that all your channels—including your website and social media profile—contain updated information. This can help you build a credible reputation.


3.     Listen actively to your customers.

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Listening actively to customers means lending them your full attention. Avoid interrupting your customers if they’re in the middle of explaining their issues or expressing their dissatisfaction with your services. Doing so assures them that you’re ready to hear them out and that you want to truly tackle the problem.

In addition, part of listening is empathizing with the customer. Acknowledge their emotions and let them know that you understand what they’re going through. Doing so fosters trust and cooperation between the agent and the customer.


4.     Find creative ways to solve a problem.

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Sure, you may be implementing customer support policies and guidelines that agents refer to as they solve customers’ problems. These rules let you standardize your customer service process. However, there are instances when agents must think creatively to resolve customers’ issues. For example, they may encounter issues that are too complex or those that aren’t included in your guidelines. In such cases, encourage your call center agents to find creative solutions to a problem. This shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your customers happy.


5.     Always be polite when dealing with customers.

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You may think this one’s a no-brainer, but sadly, courtesy and professionalism are becoming rarer nowadays. Thus, remind your agents to always say “please” and “thank you” whenever appropriate. Also, they should be careful about the tone of voice they use, striking a balance between warmth and professionalism.

Of course, common courtesies, such as addressing customers by their first name, must also be practiced consistently. Remember to always treat your customers with respect, and hold them in high regard.


6.     Anticipate future issues.

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By studying the customer complaints you’ve previously handled, you can analyze trends and patterns in the issues you’ve been handling. This will allow you to predict, or at least anticipate, the problems, queries, or difficulties your customers are likely to encounter. That way, you can put a stop to these issues before your customers even experience them. This can help you boost customer satisfaction significantly.



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