5 Tips for creating a customer-centric call center

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Recall that customer centricity is focused on the first word—the customer. It emphasizes that the focus should be on caring for the consumers, not just on generating sales. This helps in attracting new customers and retaining repeat ones. By implementing a “customer first” approach, you ensure customer satisfaction and offer an enjoyable customer experience. And a lot of companies can also became successful because of it.

Simply stating your customer’s importance won’t make it true. Shifting to a customer-centric culture will definitely be a better approach. It has a long process that starts within your company, requiring everyone’s cooperation for it to work well. It can be difficult to implement, but not impossible.

Here are five tips for creating a customer-oriented call center.


1.     Make it a part of your company values.

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The drive to create a customer-focused call center must begin in your company culture itself. Satisfying your customers and ensuring great customer experience should be a part of your call center culture. That means everyone in your company, from the frontline to the board should uphold customer-centric ideals for it to work.


2.     Hire and train people with customer centricity in mind

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When hiring agents, make sure to look beyond the skills and employment history. Don’t just find applicants who can assist customers, look for those who will go out of their way to thoroughly help your customers with their concerns. Then you’ll know that they’ll ensure customer satisfaction, not just adhere to the metrics.


3.     Empower your employees to the culture

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Train your agents to think outside the box and creatively solve the customer concerns, instead of just adhering to the set process. Online retail brand Zappos, for instance, goes out of their way to help a customer. If the item you want isn’t available on their site, they’d even go to a competitor’s website to find it for you. That’s because it’s part of their core company values— “Deliver wow through service.”


4.     Keep customer feedbacks in mind

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A customer-focused contact center listens to its customers. By listening to customer feedback, you’re made aware of different areas of your business that needs improvement. As a result, your company will be able to develop better products and streamline your support processes in a way that meets your customers’ approval.


5.     Remember to treat your employees right

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Employee happiness and customer happiness tend to be interlinked—when your agents are happy, they can help make your customers happy. Your agents are the face of the company, the frontliners. Keeping your employees engaged lowers turnover rates and improves the overall customer service.



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