5 Time-consuming call center processes to get rid of

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t manage all your call center’s tasks even if your team keeps working long hours? It may be because you’re not carrying out your internal processes in smart ways.

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For contact centers, high productivity is always the number one priority. Managers always aim to do more in less time so they can devote their attention to high-priority projects. It’s thus important to streamline customer service workflows so you can get rid of needlessly time-consuming processes.

As part of workflow management, you must keep an eye out for tasks that take a huge chunk of your team’s work hours. Once you’ve spotted them, find ways to perform them more efficiently. For this, you’ll likely depend on tech solutions such as automation tools and customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

As a guide, here are five burdensome functions you need to eliminate from your call center.


1.     Manual outbound dialing

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Dialing customers’ numbers may seem like a simple task at first. However, if your telemarketing campaign requires you to call hundreds or thousands of customers, it can end up being unnecessarily taxing.

You can automate outbound calling using predictive dialers. These tools extract phone numbers from your database or your CRM software. This saves you a lot of time, which you can use to reach more customers.


2.     Sending follow-up messages

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Many call centers send their customers follow-up SMS or emails after a conversation. This gives them a chance to thank a customer or summarize what was discussed during the transaction. Doing this manually, however, can be difficult for customer support reps. For this, you can use automatic SMS or email senders. They should be connected to your CRM tool so they can automatically collect customers’ contact details.


3.     Updating customer information

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Whenever agents talk to customers, they gain a lot of information about them. These chunks of data should be added to your database. However, filling in and updating customer profiles after each call can be quite tedious.

Using speech analytics tools can help you in decoding and encoding customer information. Some of these applications are smart enough to identify a customer’s reasons for calling and categorize issues. These automation tools can thus help you manage customers’ data more efficiently.


4.     Asking customers to repeat their complaints

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Customers use different devices to get in touch with brands. For instance, they may call you via the phone and then connect with you again via email. Your agents must be able to keep track of these cross-device conversations. With a full view of the customers’ history and previous transactions, agents can solve issues more quickly and effectively.

This, however, isn’t possible if you’re not using a CRM tool, which is a staple technology of omnichannel contact centers. A powerful CRM software lets you integrate several platforms so agents can easily retrieve the information they need to help a customer.


5.     Holding meetings without a clear agenda

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Among the items in this list, this is the only one that’s not tech-related. And yet, many companies—not just customer support firms—are guilty of this. Fact is, many employees hate attending meetings because they often take up so much of their time. You can avoid this by clarifying your objectives and agenda before huddling with your team. This way, you can cut to the chase and discuss the most important subjects right away.

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