5 Software features that can boost your call center’s productivity


Since your partnering call center is in the frontline of customer engagement, it must possess the necessary tools that can impress your customers. Open Access BPO lists down five modern software solutions that your outsourcing provider must have.

In order to satisfy modern customers, you need to stay updated with the latest innovations and trends and integrate them into your own customer service platforms. If you are partnering with a Philippine call center, it’s not just enough for you to gather the best workforce; you also need to have the best call center technologies.

Since your call center’s resources are in a way part of your brand’s assets, you need to welcome new software features that are designed to improve your partner’s customer service delivery. Here are some software solutions that your call center must have in order to excel in delivering customer support.


1.     Interactive voice response (IVR)


Having a customized IVR system can ensure that each customer service call that reaches your call center gets routed to the most appropriate department that can handle the specific concern of the customer. Using an IVR system can therefore help your call center attain better first contact resolution rates, since it ensures that whoever receives the call is capable of solving the problem that is about to be presented by the customer. It is also a cost-effective tool since it eliminates the need for hiring a human operator.


2.     Automatic caller identification


Personalization is one of the key elements of effective customer support. One good way of ensuring this is by using an automatic desktop call identification feature that can give your agents a quick overview of the incoming caller’s identification details such as their names, locations, affiliations, and contact details. This makes every interaction more personalized since agents get to address the customer by name and refer to the profile details whenever necessary.


3.     Customer relationship management (CRM)


Providing access to your database of recorded client interactions can help your agents prepare better before interacting with customers. Your CRM software must provide information about every client’s transaction history, previous purchases, and call logs. Agents can also use it to document complaints and customer service inquiries that each customer has made in the past. This knowledge lets future attending agents adjust their approach by reinforcing previous recommendations or avoiding unwanted topics.


4.     Call recording and monitoring


Monitoring live calls and recording them are some of the proven effective quality assurance methods in call centers. Real-time monitoring enables managers to quickly provide assistance to agents who are struggling. Recording calls, on the other hand, allows evaluators to go into details when assessing every agent’s call handling skills. Recorded calls can later be used during individual coaching or future training sessions.


5.     Real-time KPI reporting


In order to motivate your agents to improve their performance, they must be aware of their standing. They must have access to a real-time reporting tool that presents their progress in the different key performance indicators (KPI) or metrics, such as average handling and hold times, closed sales, and service levels. This can also help managers monitor how far their teams are from reaching their goals and quotas and make quick objective decisions based on the given data.


Winning your customers’ trust starts from securing high customer satisfaction. You must offer exceptional customer service features to stand out from the competition. Using these modern tools can help your call center surpass customer expectations since they are designed to improve the execution of the different call center procedures, which in turn can impact the overall customer experience.



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