5 Signs your call center agents can handle multiple channels


Multichannel customer service is perhaps one of the biggest buzzwords ever since several smart devices have become mainstream. Every company aims to succeed as a multichannel service provider, and while this is favorable to customers, there are also several risks in doing so.

Call centers that still haven’t mastered multichannel customer service may experience a major setback later on. It takes a solid strategy, advanced technical skills, and a well-defined customer approach to successfully juggle the many responsibilities that come with handling several channels at once. In addition, a strong multiplatform strategy requires a fully prepared team that can grow alongside the brand they’re working with.

It’s thus important to direct your efforts toward customer service training to enhance the skills of your call center agents. Over time and after lots of practice, you may see these five signs that they’re ready to handle multiple channels.


1.     They know the company’s products and services well.


Extensive product knowledge will hasten the resolution of customer complaints. Agents who know every tiny detail about what the company is offering will find it easier to navigate different channels as they speak to customers. This way, they can easily focus on maximizing the use of a specific communication platform. They wouldn’t need to worry too much about recalling product information that they should have previously mastered.


2.     They are digitally savvy.


If your call center agents have limited exposure to digital customer service platforms such as social media, email, and web chat, they’ll find it hard to provide a smooth online experience for customers. One of your call center strategies should be to familiarize employees with the different features and functions of the platforms they would be using. This will help them optimize not just the tools themselves but also the customers’ experience.


3.     They can multitask.


Your agents don’t actually need to juggle all your customer service channels, but even if they’re handling only two platforms, they’ll find themselves switching back and forth between those channels throughout the day. Thus, you need agents who can multitask without committing errors.


4.     They can perform well under pressure.


This is true for all call centers, even those that don’t provide multichannel customer service. However, the use of several platforms at once can double the pressure that call center agents have to deal with daily. If their performance suffers, managers need to implement strategies to lighten their load. But if this doesn’t work, maybe your agents are still not fully prepared to handle more than one customer care channel.


5.     They’re flexible and willing to learn.


In all cases where technology is involved, employees need to demonstrate flexibility and willingness to learn. Technology is a constantly evolving business aspect. If your agents cannot grow alongside the technology they’re using, they’ll later find themselves ill-equipped to handle new customer service models.



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