5 Daily tasks of every successful contact center team leader


As the head of a contact center team, one of your responsibilities is to keep your agents well motivated to hit the targets set by the company and its clients. Here, your leadership skills and the team management strategies that you implement both affect how you achieve your team’s set goals.

Every leader has responsibilities that ensure that they can empower their agents. And to fulfill those team leader responsibilities, they usually have a list of tasks they must accomplish every day. These tasks are meant to motivate their agents to become more productive and have a positive work attitude so they can consistently produce favorable results. All this leads to positive agent satisfaction and low attrition rates . Here are some of those agent encouragement-geared daily tasks.


1.     Motivate agents all throughout their shift


Getting encouragement from their peers and their superiors can be a powerful thing for agents. So it would be best to get them ready with a can-do attitude at start of their shift. Have a team huddle to discuss their performance during their previous shift so they know about the good things they’ve done and what else they can do to improve their work. This gives them the opportunity to raise concerns, ask for help, and voice out their fears, while you get to offer helpful suggestions to help them with challenges, and give a few encouraging words.

In addition to this, check up on them every few hours during their shifts. It helps make sure that they’re still well-motivated to reach their daily quotas or to continue responding to customer care calls even after a particularly disheartening conversation with an irate caller.


2.     Create a positive work environment


One of the reasons agents leave a company is because of their work environment. Since they spend at least eight hours in the workplace, it’s important for you to do your part in making them feel comfortable and valued in their respective roles. Here, you’ll need to:

•     Keep the office environment comfortable for your agents during their long hours at work. This means that chairs and tables should be ergonomic, and that the production floors’ layout is optimized to reduce noise disturbances.

•     Keep the office environment comfortable for your agents during their long hours at work. This means that chairs and tables should be ergonomic, and that the production floors’ layout is optimized to reduce noise disturbances.

•     Acknowledge everyone’s efforts and achievements, and encourage everyone to lend each other a hand when needed.

•     Inject a bit of fun in daily operations by gamifying tasks and goal attainment, initiating fun team activities in and outside the office.


3.     Check office equipment and facilities


Ensure that all the equipment and the tools required to help agents perform their jobs are in good working condition. While it may seem more like the job of the company’s IT personnel, make it a part of your daily team leader responsibilities since you do need to consider how efficiently and accurately tasks can be delivered by your agents. Reporting malfunctioning and obsolete office technologies not only help make sure that team and campaign goals are met, it also helps the company avert any possible technical issues and other data disasters.


4.     Improve workforce scheduling


Workforce management focuses on keeping every employee and team productive, enabling the company to consistently meet their client’s service level requirements and address their needs. In most contact center, the team leader is heavily involved in creating and upholding workforce management strategies.

One aspect of workforce management is workforce scheduling. Here, the most important task involves knowing the specific times of the day or the month when call volumes spike and getting the right amount of skilled workers to address as much of those calls as possible. This means not relying too much on automated employee scheduling solutions.


5.     Empower agents


Coaching and pushing your team to be the best possible version of themselves can help them develop their full potential. This is why you need to inspire them how little steps can take them to the top of their careers. So, ensure that they’re always driven at work by teaching and delegating roles properly. Give them responsibilities and recognize their efforts especially if they’ve done a good job. There’s nothing as validating and encouraging quite like a superior that believes in you and appreciates the good that you do for the team and the company.


To truly be an effective contact center manager, it’s important to take your team leader responsibilities to heart. These tasks lets you put your leadership skills and management acumen to good use, but focuses more on the people working under you than the duties that they need to accomplish. These ensure that every agent is motivated and driven to deliver excellent customer service and reach their individual career goals.

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