4 Indicators that your outsourcing provider has a good reputation


For you to be confident that you are doing the right steps in outsourcing to a call center, you must know how to choose the right provider to partner with. Open Access BPO explains how you can scrutinize a call center’s reputation.

Your goal of reaching global competitiveness through customer service outsourcing can only be achieved if you partner with the right Philippine call center. Choosing your outsourcing partner can be challenging especially if you don’t know which qualities to look out for. Reputation, for example, is a requirement that may be tricky to assess among your prospects.

If you outsource to a call center with poor credibility and track record, this inadequacy can also affect your own reputation. Checking your potential service provider’s background and client history must be done thoroughly, so you can have a clear vision of how your outsourcing relationship will be like in the future. Here are four signs to watch out for when searching for a reputable outsourcing provider that you can trust:


1.     Ethical business practice


The different principles and values upheld by a company can be seen in the different business practices it follows. From its mission and vision statement to its social development or outreach projects, your background check must focus on how the company positions itself as a key player in the development of its industry or community.

Find out if the call center has faced any ethical issues in the past and how its leaders faced them. The veracity of its advertisements and promotional campaigns can also speak a lot about the company’s way of upholding honesty and accuracy.


2.     Strong relationship with employees


A reputable company always takes the welfare of its workforce into consideration. Choose an outsourcing provider that values its employees as much as it values its customers. These employees are going to work for your brand in the future, so you need to make sure that they are satisfied with their working conditions. Employee rights, such as freedom to form labor unions and access to health care benefits, must also be protected. Legal disputes concerning employee salary may indicate poor employee-employer relationship.


3.     Solid client partnerships


The most reliable source of information when it comes to assessing a company’s reputation is its past and present clientele. Talk to the outsourcing clients that entrusted their customer service and other needs to your prospective provider. Ask them about the challenges they encountered while partnering with the call center and how the latter resolved them. References must preferably be composed of organizations that belong to the same industry that you do or have outsourced the same services that you are planning to outsource.


4.     Positive market reception and recognition


The achievements your prospective call center has gained can give you an idea about its position in the outsourcing industry. Awards are objective proofs of how reputable the provider is in delivering call center support services. The longer the company has been operating, the more opportunities it must have had to prove its worth and credibility.

Choosing a call center with a solid reputation is a prerequisite to a successful outsourcing project. When your business services are in good hands, it gives you more confidence that your investment won’t be put to waste. Setting the right criteria in selecting your outsourcing partner must therefore be done meticulously in order to secure a promising outsourcing experience.



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