3 Misconceptions about Philippine call center outsourcing demystified


It’s normal for businesses to have varying opinions about outsourcing to offshore call centers. But some of these claims are based on misconceptions or poor understanding of the outsourcing concept. Open Access BPO lists down three myths about outsourcing that you should be aware of.

As the demand for effective customer support continues to rise, more and more businesses choose to outsource customer service and technical support solutions to low-cost regions such as the Philippines. The idea of entrusting your business operations to a third-party provider can admittedly be intimidating, especially for first-timers.

Much has been said about outsourcing to call centers in the Philippines. Some of these claims have led businesses to feel apprehensive or overwhelmed with the concept of outsourcing. To avoid losing the opportunity of benefiting from exceptional customer support, here are some of the common myths about outsourcing to Philippine call centers that you need to know:



1.     Outsourcing eliminates your control over operations.
3-Misconceptions-about-Philippine-call-center-outsourcing-demystified--Open-Access-BPO- Outsourcing eliminates your control over operations

Although it’s true that transferring customer support to a partnering call center can reduce your responsibilities, the extent of your managerial control remains the same. Outsourcing campaigns are always designed based on the clients’ goals. Call centers coordinate and keep in touch with their clients when executing vital stages of the project, such as hiring, training, and ensuring quality work during actual production. In other words, it’s only the responsibility of managing a workforce through a hands-on approach that gets eliminated. You can still be very much involved with your customer support operations even if your call center is based in a different location.



2.     Offshore call center agents don’t speak English well.

Philippine call centers take pride in the English language proficiency of their workforce. English is widely used in the academic and corporate setting since it holds a secondary language status in the country.

Moreover, the neutral accent of Filipino call center agents is highly favored by Western clients over other countries known for outsourcing. Lastly, call centers also employ quality assurance measures, such as language and cultural training, to make sure that agents can fully develop their communication skills and understand the context of the customers’ concerns.



3.     The costs of partnering with a call center outweigh the revenues.

Just like any other investment, outsourcing can present costs and risks to your business. But this does not mean that your bottom line will perpetually be harmed because of an outsourcing deal. In fact, the expenses you shell out can be offset later on by the consequential gains brought about by the improved customer service delivery.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty can set the longevity of your business. Improving customer service through outsourcing can therefore ensure you more years of success. Moreover, outsourcing can help you save a lot by sparing you from spending on infrastructure, technologies, recruitment, and training.


By partnering with a reputable call center, your business can enjoy the many benefits of outsourcing. With undivided attention, you can now direct your attention to the more important functions of your business, such as marketing and business expansion. It is therefore important that you understand the truth behind these fallacies about outsourcing. Learning what outsourcing can truly give you will let you build confidence when investing in this highly profitable business venture.



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